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This project pursues few aims:

  1. I'd like to learn rust
  2. I'd like to learn gtk
  3. I'd like to learn japanese
  4. I'd like to help others

I am learning japanese as well. I'm not native japanese speaker and even don't speak japanese at all. I just think that there's a good way to learn languages and I'd like to try program these ways to master my own skills and probably help others.


To build this on GNU/Linux

1.Install dependencies for your distro:

Everything, starting with $ should be run as usual user without that sign. # in the start indicated that root is necessary.

Arch linux: # sudo pacman -S glib2 rust,

Debian and derivatives: # sudo apt install libgtk-4-dev build-essential cargo,

Fedora: # sudo dnf install gtk4-devel gcc.

2.Build it:

Build: $ cargo build,

then, run an application: $ cargo run.

Application saves all data in $HOME/.config/learn-hieroglyph.

To build this on Windows

I am not using Windows, so I have no idea how to install dependencies for it, fuck with that by yourself (or use a normal operating system ;) ) I am planning to cross-compile binaries for Windows.

Application saves all data in %APPDATA%/learn-hieroglyph.


Contributing is welcome! Please, make an issue if you found a bug. Ideas are welcomed as well!

If you speak japanese, you can help by adding new words to dictionary. Check if the word (or anyting) you want to suggest isn't already added and submit a PR!


Thanks to all my friends that was helping me with that!

Special thanks to https://github.com/schneems/united-dictionary for the eng-jp dictionary!